Xcell Jiu Jitsu Academy Reviews

Our 8 yr old grandson goes there. He loves it!! Jorge is great with the kids as well as his assistance. Would highly recommend this place.

Pamela Moser

Xcell is a fantastic place! Clean, spacious, stylish, welcoming, warm, and a wonderful team to make you feel at home. Professor Santiago is a seasoned pro with an eye for meticulous detail, and he shares his knowledge with joy and a passion for the art. Great vibes, great jiu jitsu; I highly highly recommend Xcell Academy.

Justin Andrew

Professor Jorge has an eye of eagle. Every drill and every roll he is there watching over his students to make sure they are doing properly. Professor also adjust the techniques to fit your style, the way you move, the way you use your grips etc... Professor Jorge will make any technique work for your style and just keeps adding more to your game. He takes the time to show small details to make sure you are improving everyday.... cant go wrong with Professor Jorge. Ossss!!!!

Thiago Leal

Professor Jorge is an awesome instructor! I highly recommend you check out his school!

Luis Acosta

I was sent to FL for a work project and looked to find a place to train. This is my friend's home gym so I went to train with her. When I got there I met Jorge Santiago and he was very welcoming and nice. The gym is kept clean, has plenty of mat space and seems to have a great, friendly culture. Everyone I rolled with and met was incredibly kind. Looking forward to training here more during my trips to the Fort Lauderdale area!

Anna Jocelyn Tso

Xcell jiu jitsu academy is a great learning environment where everything is fun and friendly. Professor jorge santiago is a black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu and judo, and a very accomplished mixed martial artist that competed in the UFC and Sengoku. He runs a great program that allows everyone to really absorb the technique he teaches.

Robert Ryan

Xcell Jiu Jitsu Academy is a great place with great people and a world class professor Jorge Santiago. This is a great place to train full of respect and here you will learn very detailed techniques. There are options for all levels and all paces of learning. If you have ever wanted to try jiu jitsu or are looking for amazing training this is the place.

Brandon Mercado

Amazing family atmosphere and sensei Jorge Santiago is the best around

Kelly Beringson

Awesome place for training, im on vacations and its my second week in the academy. Jorge is an excellent coach who helps you improve whichever your jiu jitsu style is. The academy is always clean, have an excellent infraestructure for training and the atmosphere is very nice, all the guys with whom I trained had so much willingness to teach me something, though im not an english speaker. If you're looking a good place for training with good guys and high level, this is the right one. Loved it. Nacho

Ignacio Miranda

Come learn from a real BJJ/Judo black belt and mma legend for a very reasonable price. Place is clean and has a friendly/ family atmosphere. Great school for kids and adults!

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